Me Unlimited locale is a new programme that offers a package of integrated confidence building techniques from the fields of psychology, nutrition and yoga. The package includes Me Unlimited’s half day Brain Confident workshop,an individual bespoke yoga therapy session and a discounted consultation with an expert nutritional therapist and clinical psycho-neuro-immunologist.   


All life’s challenges can knock our confidence, whether returning to work after maternity break, approaching the menopause, or coping and adjusting to changing life events. At the very times we need to trust our abilities to act we can often become frozen by self-doubt.


This is because when our confidence is low we become less psychologically flexible. Feeling frozen or fearful we revert to old thought patterns and ways of relating that may not serve us best. As a result we are less able to shift our emotional states and lift ourselves out of  anxious or depressed moods. We also become metabolically less flexible, and find it harder to motivate ourselves to exercise or eat well. This can then result in blockages in the energy/chakra systems of the body. The brain,the gut,the mind and body are completely connected, working as a whole and in order to adapt to change successfully all systems need to react flexibly.


MeUnlimited locale provides a package of care which support each of these systems and it is this multi disciplinary input that makes all the difference.

  • The half day Brain Confident workshop run by Deborah, MeUnlimited's co -founder takes place in a homely environment in North London. A group of no more than 6 women literally sit around the kitchen table and in a supportive and fun atmosphere learn therapeutic techniques that will increase  confidence by influencing your neurological pathways. The yoga therapy and nutritional consultations take place after the workshop at a time of your choosing. 

  • A one-to-one bespoke yoga session with Rebecca Opyrchal-Keenaghan tailored to your needs and ability whatever your level of experience (or not) of yoga.

  • Access to a discounted Skype consultation with Fleur Borrelli, a nutritional therapist, clinical psycho-neuro-immunologist and expert in metabolic activity.


These yoga therapy and nutritional consultations support and scaffold the changes made during the brain confident workshop. The more you practice being this way in the world, the more your brain is re-wired to respond to difficult future scenarios in a more adaptive way.

Deborah: Chartered Clinical Psychologist, EMDR practitioner

Deborah with her 23 years of clinical experience of psychological therapies runs the brain confident workshop.


A confident state of mind  needs 3 things.

  • An ability to cope with feelings of anxiety and overwhelm
  • An ability to tap into a dynamic energy that allows us to feel bold and courageous
  • And the ability to switch consciously and flexibly between these two states as needed.

Deborah teaches you how to do this. You leave with a thorough understanding of why your confidence ebbs and flow, why women can struggle more, practical ways to recover from a confidence nose dive  and a recipe card with clear strategies that you can start using as soon as you leave the workshop. 

Fleur: Nutritional therapist, Clinical psycho-neuro-immunologist and Co-author of The In-Sync Diet

Fleur's area of expertise is to help you regain your rhythm. All too often we can fall into patterns of behaviour that  put us out-of-sync with our environment and affect our mood, and outlook and confidence. 


During a Skype consultation Fleur will discuss with you your individual goals and explain the small changes you can make in the way you exercise and the way you eat that can take your vitality and sense of wellbeing and confidence to a new level. 


Her approach focuses on metabolic flexibility which complements and works in sync with the psychological techniques learnt in the workshop.

Photo © Natalie J Watts 

Rebecca: Yoga teacher and personal trainer

Rebecca a London based Yoga Teacher and soul soother. Living and working in the big city is a constant reminder of the need to give our bodies a chance to breathe and quieten the nervous system.


Using the Chakra system to understand your individual needs and the type of energy you are currently utilising she will devise a short 10/15  minute practice for you to do at home  whether you have never done yoga before or are an advanced yogi.


Her bespoke input will help you release your inherent confidence. Rebecca understands the modern world can sometimes leave you feeling powerless and believes strongly that within all of us is the potential for great strength and power. Rebecca’s bespoke practice will help you open your body and energy systems to release your inherent confidence.