During our workshops we create a warm,welcoming and fun atmosphere, which harnesses the very best of women working and being together. In this way deep change is made possible and enjoyable in a short space of time.


Our workshops help you: 


  • Learn about the power of your brain

  • Understand why self-doubt affects your brain potential and how this plays out differently in men and women

  •  Understand how our confidence changes with different life experiences and influences our belief systems

  •  Realise the impact that hormonal milestones ( puberty, pregnancy, menopause), nutrition and lifestyle have on   confidence

  •  Learn  cutting edge techniques that  reduce self doubt and strengthen your most courageous self

  • Leave with your personalised recipe to follow which  will allow you to change the way you are in the world as soon as you step out of the workshop


Participants who attend workshops frequently remark on what a difference a day can make.