A confident Brain formula

MeUnlimited has developed a unique confident brain formula by combining learning from neuroscience, modern psychotherapies, ancient wisdoms and nutrition. This formula enables women to by-pass their self doubt barriers propelling them to greater success at work, in relationships and in parenting.


MeUnlimited  runs  workshops and individual sessions .


MeUnlimited Locale is a  package which includes a half day brain confident workshop, a bespoke yoga therapy session and a discounted consultation with an expert Nutritional therapist. 


Our brain formula will help you: 


  • Learn about the power of your brain

  • Understand how self-doubt affects your brain potential and how this plays out differently in men and women

  • Experience a unique and personalised program of brain-changing psychotherapies,  ancient mindfulness, nutrition and lifestyle advice designed to move you through your self-doubt barriers

  • Leave with a set of techniques you can use immediately that will help you live your best life