Brain Confident workshops

We currently offer half day workshops as part of our MeUnlimited Locale package in North London.


These workshops cover the following areas: 

What confidence is and isn’t

Confidence is trusting your ability to act. It's about believing in yourself and having the courage to act and take risks. This section debunks the myths about confidence and sets the stage for what we need to learn and practice in order to change things for ourselves.

  • Common myths about confidence
  • What is required to 'be confident'?
  • Why does a confidence gap exist between men and women?
  • The consequences of this confidence gap
  • How women hold back? How do you hold yourself back?

Why our confidence ebbs and flows across our lifetime?

Using  knowledge from neuroscience we explore why our confidence dips and how your brain responds each time your confidence takes a nose-dive.

  • The function of genes and neurotransmitters
  • The influence of life experiences
  • The importance of your belief systems
  • How your brain circuitry and neural pathways get affected and stuck in patterns of old hard-wiring

What makes the struggle harder for women?

Hormonal changes across a woman’s lifetime have a strong influence on brain health. In this section we learn about this often overlooked component to confidence.

  • How do our hormones affect our confidence?
  • How does this colour the picture?
  • The hormonal milestones of puberty, pregnancy and menopause
  • Hormones, nutrition and lifestyle. How to use this to our advantage?

Practical ways to develop confidence

With an understanding of why your confidence dips, this section focuses on practical ways you can recover. We teach you a range of leading-edge psychotherapeutic techniques which, with a little practice, will literally re-wire your brain. These techniques quieten the neural pathways that fuel self-doubt and strengthen neural pathways that lead you to being your most courageous self.

  • Learn how to let go of negative past experiences and be in the present
  • Learn how to calm your mind and nerves at will
  • Use visualisations, the power of your 'felt sense' and brainspot eye positions to run a performance movie of a situation you want to change
  • Understand the type of energy you are living on and how this influences your behaviour

The MeUnlimited recipe

We spend the last part of the day in discussion. We help each of you produce a recipe card unique to your circumstances to take home with you. This recipe card includes bespoke techniques and lifestyle advice that, if followed, will help prevent future confidence crises and allow you to start to change the way you are in the world as soon as you step out of the workshop.


Participants who attend our workshops frequently remark on what a difference a day can make.

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