MeUnlimited was founded by two women uniquely qualified to deliver their confidence-enhancing solution: Deborah and Sanja are a clinical psychologist and  psychotherapist team  with extensive experience coaching and nurturing women, from CEO’s to homemakers - in both the US and UK.

Sanja has also experienced the other side, first hand. Prior to becoming an executive coach, she had a successful management career in consumer software and publishing.


As practitioners, Deborah and Sanja realised early on that the self-development industry was very good at recognising how hard women were having to work to break through male-dominated business and academic worlds. They were frustrated to see slow progress. For example:

  • The number of women in UK academia has fallen over the past 5 years
  • In the US, women make-up only 19% of Congress and 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs
  • Scandinavian governments have been most proactive in addressing gender environmental issues, but often struggle. In particular, the most progressive, Norway, saw a recent initiative to increase the number of women in the boardroom simply result in men bypassing new laws by removing their companies from the Norwegian Stock Exchange.

Deborah and Sanja became ever more convinced of hard-wired differences between men and women by watching their teenage daughters grow-up: self-doubt clearly increased with hormonal and environmental changes in puberty (and also occurs later in life – during pregnancy and menopause, for example).


Finally, Deborah and Sanja realised that it wasn’t enough for women to campaign for environmental and political change, but that we also must help each other to break through the self-doubt barrier. They devised bespoke tools to address the gap in self-confidence women have versus men. This program was inspired by:

  • New research showing female CEOs outperforming male CEOs among Fortune 500 companies
  • Significant advances in neuroscience and how this impacts on women
  • Increasing evidence of the power of cutting edge psychotherapies, mindfulness, nutrition and bodywork to change the ways our brains are wired

So one rainy day in a café in Muswell Hill, North London, Deborah and Sanja decided to start MeUnlimited.