MeUnlimited was founded by two women uniquely qualified to deliver their confidence-enhancing solution: Deborah and Sanja are a clinical psychologist and  psychotherapist team  with extensive experience coaching and nurturing women, from CEO’s to homemakers - in both the US and UK.


As practitioners, Deborah and Sanja realised early on  how hard women are having to work to break through male-dominated business and academic worlds. Frustrated by slow progress, they wanted to find ways women could break through the self-doubt barrier.





So inspired by the latest research

  •  Showing female CEOs outperforming male CEOs among Fortune 500 companies
  • Significant advances in neuroscience and how this impacts on women
  • Increasing evidence of the power of cutting edge psychotherapies, mindfulness, nutrition and bodywork to change the ways our brains are wired

They devised a bespoke brain confidence formula. Using  this formula with their individual clients saw women achieving greater success at work, in relationships and in parenting and so one rainy day in a café in Muswell Hill, North London, Deborah and Sanja decided to start MeUnlimited.